This ZONMW JPI HDHL project Microdiet aimed to understand and prevent production of microbially-produced pro-diabetic metabolites in different ethnic group and investigated the impact of (high versus low) dietary changes on human microbiota and glycemic control.

WHAT:Metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) represent a growing unmet clinical need. Accumulating evidence shows that the collection of microbes residing within the human intestinal tract influence host metabolism. Diet is one of the most important factors shaping the gut microbiome as the derived plasma metabolites from microbially processed dietary factors on glucose and lipid levels in our blood In this project we acquired clinical, dietary and microbiota data in subjects of different ethnic descent. Based on the data we acquired during our ZONMW JPI HDHL project Microdiet including gutmicrobiota composition blood chemistry and clinical data, we combined this into an integrated dataset which resulted in the current online MICRODIET prediction tool.

HOW: With this online tool, upon filling out your body measurements and dietary intake over the last weeks, you can get an estimate of what your fecal microbiota composition and your plasma metabolites (derived from these bacteria) look like And also, how this relates to your estimated blood glucose and lipids values. Finally, you can see how these parameters change when you reduce or increase your daily fat, protein or carbohydrate intake per day.

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